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The Greater Morgantown Interfaith Association was established in 2015 with the goal of bringing together leaders from various faith communities in the Greater Morgantown area. The Association has expanded to include a network of faith and secular communities and friends who come together to promote the common good for the Morgantown community.

Through regular meetings and events, shared meals, social activism and political engagement we seek to promote an agenda of peace, inclusivity, fairness and equal protection for all people. Our faith traditions inspire us to work together to learn from each other and promote the common good. We respect each individuals' faith tradition and seek opportunities to learn through interaction across faith traditions.

We welcome anyone to attend our events and meetings, they are open to the public. Our Association members include faith leaders, community leaders, civic leaders, activists, faith community members, and interested citizens. Our faith inspires us to work together to promote the well being of all.

We also strive to preserve an environment of mutual respect and dignity amongst members and appreciate your cooperation by participating in making Morgantown a place that is better together.

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